Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018


Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018


gaming-laptop Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018

Some Best Buy Gaming Laptops

Hey! choosing one of these things is not super easy, you have to make compromises, of some sort.You’re not going to have like an 800$ laptop, that is super thin, with the 12-hour battery life and like an amazing performance.It’s just not going to happen.You have to figure out what you find most important in your decision.And also what you don’t care about as much and then make a purchase decision based off of that. The Laptops I am going to show you are Cheap gaming laptops and the best buy gaming laptops which you can enjoy gaming without paying much money some laptops on this list are gaming laptops under 500 and some are gaming laptops under 1000. there are many brands of gaming laptops but the gaming laptops Alienware, Razer gaming laptop and gaming laptops Asus are the best brands ever
When it comes to laptops that are meant for gaming, they are usually in one of two camps, either the really cheap and usually don’t have either any dedicated graphics pretty bad ones, or they’re incredibly expensive, huge, thick and heavy but I will show you some best buy gaming laptops
Gaming laptops existed people have been trying to find that perfect balance between power and portability and honestly doesn’t really exist because when you have a gaming laptop its usually thick orLoud or thick and loud. Soi decided to show you some cheap gaming laptops which are affordable gaming laptops .you can play full fill your requirements of heavy games. These Laptops are best to buy gaming laptops which you can spend some money on it but will never feel less performance. these are one of the best laptops in the world

Asus ROG Strix GL502VS-DS71

This Laptop is The best gaming laptop

asus-rog-gl502vs-ds71-90nb0dd6-m01950 Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018
best buy gaming laptops

The First in a best buy gaming laptops is asus rog Strix GL 502 vs this is a 15.6 inch gaming laptop powered by the nvidia geforce gtx 1070 so it comes on the upper end of the performance and price scale but is certainly very well suited to 1080p gaming at above 60 frames per second before I dive into the design I will just talk briefly about the hardware in my review ,this is an Intel Core i7 7700 HQ processor with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram there’s also a 256 gig SSD pad with a one terabyte hard drive and of course there’s the gtx 1070 in there ports and GPU power this is the only configuration available to you in australia if you’re in the united states again there’s just one configuration but the 256 gig SSD is swapped out for a 128 gig SSD instead as this is a 15.6 inch laptop it’s reasonably portable as far as gtx 1070 gaming laptops are concerned it’s 30 millimeters thick so that’s around the same thickness as comparatives from MSI and gigabyte


and even Alienware but it’s actually a quite a lot lighter at just 2.2 kilograms where most other laptops of this class are pushing up to v3 kilogram mark so you definitely get a more portable experience and you’ll find from some of the other options available and of course it’s not a 17 inch laptop so you might be able to actually fit it into your backpack but don’t forget that if you are taking around this laptop you will have to carry the 200 plus what power brick which clocks in at 650 grams so that adds to the heft of this unit a little bit but you’ll find that on all gaming laptops with such powerful hardware inside a suit has used a primarily plastic construction for the GL 502 vs to keep its weight down but this leads to a look and feel that is just a little bit cheap especially compared to its competitors that use a lot more metal around the body there is some metal to be found on this laptop the lid is quite a nice brush black design but a Sousa has tried to imitate this with the plastic used around the keyboard and it doesn’t quite hit the mark here at least in my opinion I quite like the use of a black base color with some vibrant orange highlights it is pushing into the gamer style territory especially when you factor in those odd patterns that are sources used here in some of the awkward angles but compared to the silver model that is available for the gel 502 vs I definitely prefer this black and orange design it’s reasonably good as far as gaming laptops are concerned what I wasn’t as impressed with is the keyboard which has a surprisingly shallow travel distance in a laptop that’s 30 millimeters thick all of other gaming laptops tend to push the boundaries as far as travel distance is concerned and that gives you a better tactile experience while gaming but the GL 502 vs has pretty much an ultrabook keyboard I don’t think that gives the best experience in gaming it also has a reasonably cramped arrow key so they’ve shoved in between the right modifiers and the numpad the inclusion of a numpad is quite handy on a 15.6 inch laptop but I wish they would have pushed some of the travel distance up a little bit so that it gave you a better feel in games the trackpad it’s not too bad it has a decent tracking experience and a reasonable click to it I don’t expect anyone will be using it for gaming but it’s nice to know that it works effectively for the times that you are not using this laptop with an external mouse the i/o on the GL 502 vs is pretty standard on the left hand side you’ll find mini DisplayPort HDMI Ethernet USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 gen2 type-c port on the right hand side there’s an SD card slot to further USB 3.0 ports and a single 3.5 no audio jack I probably would have liked to see Thunderbolt 3 here as well as an additional 3.5 an audio jack but I think the range of USB ports and display outputs will satisfy most gamers here I’m pretty happy with the display that a suit is opted for here is a 15.6 inch TN LCD with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 because it’s TN you can’t expect fantastic color performance or viewing angles and that’s certainly the case with this particular laptop it doesn’t quite hit the marks in terms of our color performance tests but the key feature here is it’s 100 Hertz refresh rate and support for g-sync the gtx 1070 in this laptop can often push frame rates above the 60fps mark so the back of this laptop can run at 120 Hertz with some nice smooth adaptive sync means you were getting a really good gaming experience if it comes at the expense of slightly weaker color performance you still get 313 it’s of brightness and a contrast ratio of around 1200 to one but again I wouldn’t be using this laptop for color accurate work and now it’s time for the section that all you guys are interested in the performance and we’ll start off by diving straight into our PC mark workloads starting off with the home sweet here as you can see here the ROG GL v o 2 vs performs quite well with its i7 7700 h2 and the sort of lead that you’ll see over some gtx 1060 laptops is carried over into the creative workload which is a bit more GPU bound some of the other pc mark workloads we’re going to be work score and the rog GL 502 vs disappointed a little bit here if it’s score of under 3000 taking a look at the results in Cinebench and again you’ll see very similar performance from VI 770 782 in this laptop compared to some of the other gang laptops we’ve reviewed with the CPU inside this is a pretty similar scenario that you’ll see in our x264 encoding benchmark again this laptop obliterates some of the ultrabooks you’ll see thanks to its extra cores and you know it’s a multi-threaded workload so you’d expect to see very strong performance on the i7 7700 HQ moving on to win raf again you see very similar performance from the i7 7700 HQ here compared to some of the other gaming laptops we reviewed with this cpu inside and a very similar situation in matlab as well taking a look at our simulation workloads which are mostly single threaded this laptop performs very well here thanks to its high clock speeds on the i7 7700 HQ before we dive right into our gaming benchmarks and we’ll take a look at one 3dmark workload and we’ve chosen time spy because it is the most intensive workloads that you will find it’s score of over 5,000 is pretty decent for a gtx 1070 and laptop it comes in 50% faster than some of our x10 60 laptops and just 18% slower than our GT X 1080 laptop so this is pretty much what you’ll expect to see in the most GPU bound games that you’ll find today such as rise of the Tomb Raider which we’ll talk about a little bit later moving on to games performance now and one thing that you guys have been requesting is 1% low results for laptops and this is definitely something I’ve been working on I don’t have enough data to put up comparisons just yet but I will be stating the 1% lower results for all of the games that you’ll see here today starting with Tomb Raider an older tile which pushes 80 frames per second on average making it 46 percent faster than our GTX 1060 laptops and a 1% lower result of 60 FPS makes it quite smooth gaming performance overall moving on to Metro last light is very high benchmark and we’re looking at over 100 FPS average here which is 31% faster than our GTX 1060 laptops with a 1% lower result of 50 FPS so a bit of a low 1% low result here that’s pretty typical for laptops that we’ve seen revealed to BioShock Infinite and we’re starting to see a small CPU bottleneck here 126 FPS average at its maximum 1080p quality settings 26% faster than the GTX 1060 and a 1% lower result of 56 fps Middle Earth shadow of Mordor again it tends to perform quite well on laptops 124 FPS average here 40.6% faster than the GTX 1060 with a 1% load of 80 FPS so a really strong performance here in this game movie oh do Grand Theft Auto 5 and another strong result for the gel 502 vs with an average of 86 frames per second making it 38 percent faster than our GTX 1060 laptops and a 1% low of 58 FPS is very respectable here in Batman Arkham Knight 78 FPS average meaning that it is 39% faster than our GTX 1060 laptops and that 1% lower rate of 43 is pushing it a little bit low in this title but it’s not too bad nonetheless concern Jessica laptop rise of the Tomb Raider the most intensive title in our benchmark suite we’re looking at a 48 FPS average in the dx12 mode which makes it a huge 63 percent faster than our gtx 1060 laptops however the one percent low FPS count of just 21 means that we’re not seeing too smooth performance ii and you will want to bring that quality sand down to about a high level which results in 1% low 45 FPS in our testing if you want to play this game or sort of the more smooth the frame rates that you’d expect from a pc gaming experience Deus Ex mankind divided ultra settings average frame rate hear of 57 fps making it 43 percent faster than our GTX 1060 laptops and a very strong 1% low result here at 47 fps so not too far away from that average result and again it’s strong performance here from the gtx 1070 we don’t have too much comparison data for the following games but you can enjoy some in-game footage here as we go through some results in a hitman 94 FPS average with a 1% low of 57 FPS and it’s 1080p ultra settings in DirectX 12 senses a game that runs really well on the GL 502 vs civilization 6 CPU limited here so we can’t expect too much from your i 770 700 HQ but as 1080p maximum quality settings in DirectX 12 we can still see a 53 FPS average with the 1% low of 38 fps goo results here in this game and one of the most intensive titles except for either the tomb raider watchdogs 2 and it’s 1080p ultra preset and average FPS of 51 and a 1% low of 37 so if you have it edit ultra preset you’re still getting a good gaming experience in watchdogs to opt for quality settings and gsync helps out a little bit to make that experience nice and smooth one thing you may have noticed across all of our benchmarks is we do have another gtx 1070 laptop to compare it to and in general the gel 502 vs was around 2 to 7 percent slower that other Asus laptop you see there has a more powerful CPU and that can result in slightly higher framerate on average but a strong performance results from the gel 502 vs nonetheless and just briefly let’s take a look at the SSD performance it was disappointing to discover that it uses just a micron 1100 SATA drive so not a PCIe nvme SSD like we see in a number of other gaming laptops and this leads to limited sequential performance e sequential read speeds of just 435 megabytes per second it’s quite a lot lower than some other gaming laptops that we’ve seen and you’ll see similar performance results in our random results again performance profiling a little bit below what would expect from other gaming laptops now as we’ve covered the before let’s just take a look at how this laptop performs from a cooling standpoint and we opened up the GL 502 vs I was surprised to discover how small the heat sinks are considering there’s a gtx 1070 inside it seems the de Souza’s opted for a fast fan design that pushes air aggressively through that small heatsink which is attached to the GPU and CPU through some pretty massive heat pipes surprisingly though this laptop isn’t too loud under load it’s certainly no louder than any other gaming laptop I’ve used and the fan noise profile is reasonably Pleasant meaning that there’s no high pitched jet engine whine and if you’re using say external speakers or you know a good pair of headphones you won’t notice the fan noise too much over your ingame audio and that’s a pretty decent result from this gaming laptop as far as thermals are concerned in the intensive I 64 stability test with both the CPU and GPU being Werner choosing Mac’s the CPU sits at around 90 degrees Celsius and the GPU at 80 degrees Celsius with only limited CPU throttling this represents a very very intensive and worst-case scenario for the GL 5 OG vs and in actual games like watchdogs to the CPUs it’s more like 80 degrees Celsius with the GPU as well and 80 degrees Celsius with no thermal throttling in sight so despite the fact that those heat sinks are quite small the actual thermal performance of this laptop in games is very decent and I don’t see any reason for complaints as far as the design of the cooling solution is concerned perhaps the most attractive aspect of the GL 502 v8 is its price at 1,700 US dollars this is the cheapest current-generation gtx 1070 laptop you can get and this is mostly due to the use of a 128 gig SSD compared to 256 gigabytes in competitors from msi gigabyte and so forth with those laptops costing around 100 US dollars more so if you want to really tight budget and you can’t simply spare that extra 100 bucks the GL 502 vs is the best option and for those of you in Australia it costs around $3,000 redo so again a pretty competitive price point in my local region and this price point you get a very decent gaming experience I was a bit disappointed with the SSD performance but the core i7 7700 HQ and the gtx 1070 are well suited to playing today’s games at 1080p Ultra settings at frame rates above 60fps the display it’s a 120 Hertz g-sync panel so again very well suited to this gtx 1070 laptop because often you’ll be pushing those frame rates above 60fps that’s where the 120 hertz refresh rate really comes into its own I was reasonably impressed with the cooling solution despite the fact that inside it’s actually a pretty tiny heatsink and the main downside I guess this laptop is it’s designed not too much of a fan of the plastic body that they’ve used here and even though it is reasonably lighter just 2.2 kilograms in fact it’s the lightest gtx 1070 laptop on the market i just wish that the design was a little bit more premium for this price point but that said again you’ll be mostly concerned with the hardware in the GL 502 vs and a soos has really delivered a great gaming experience on this laptop .


  • GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5
  • Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz)
  • 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 128 GB SSD
  • 15.6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • 15.40″ x 10.50″ x 1.20″ 4.80 lbs.
  • Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  • VR Ready

Acer Predator Helios 300


The best budget gaming laptop

heee-1024x576 Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018
best buy gaming laptops

The Second in a best buy gaming laptops is the cheapest gaming laptop on the market with a 6 gig GTX 1060 and its kind of weird because its coming from a brand name company acer and the hardware in here is very powerfulbut the question that I think a lot of people may be asking is it worth it andWhether or not you should purchase this laptop versus something thats slightly less powerful, but a little bit cheaperAnd thats what this video is here to help you with so right off the batWere kind of deep into the product cycle for both the cPU and the gPUIm not going to go into too much detail about their performanceIts a Kaby Lake 7700 HQ and a GTX 1060 so its going to crush most gamesAnd I got to be honest I was expecting the fans to be loud because of the pricing but the fans are quietThe thermals however arent great the temperatures


are a little warm nothing too badIt doesnt throttle at all in games, but I would just like to see lower temperatures regardlessWere seeing excellent frame rates on this thing for 1080P gamingSo first the good stuff the build quality is surprisingly goodIts got a metal top panel plastic everywhere else, and youd think it would have a lot of Flex on the ChassisBut it doesnt its really solid and even the screen and hinges are built well. I think they made some great material choices hereIts not particularly thin and its also a little bit heavy, but it is durable the speakers are okTheyre down firing and they get pretty loud you can play game audio over the fansBut they dont sound particularly clearAnd they lack bass if you want positional audio for gaming youre going to have to get headphones goingThe port selection is pretty standard for the price pointsTheres three USB-As and a single USB-C which doesnt support thunderbolt 3 if youre interested in upgrading the internalsTheres two doors on the bottom one door lets you add a two and a half inch Sata DriveAnd then the other is for the two rams slots they include 16 gigs but opening the rest of the case isnt easy I gotKind of far, but I chickened out because they dont want to break the casingIm sure its possible, but if you plan on changing the ssdYou got a nut up and go on pretty deep and the ssdThey include isnt super fast so you might want to do itThe keyboard has a number pad the layout feels not bad the shift key is kind of weirdly positionedBut I personally didnt have any issues using it the mechanism for the keys feel a little spongyBut I can still type pretty fastIts strange because each individual stroke doesnt feel greatBut when you type on it, the whole its a very comfortable keyboard to use nowI think part of that comes from just personal preferences. I think the average person is going to find this keyboarddecent the trackpad uses Windows precision driversIts got great tracking clicking is a little stiff you got to press down harder than normal to register a clickBut its good otherwise, and if you re a tapper and not a clicker, it s actually really good nowThere are a few things that I dont like the temperatures like I mentioned earlier. Its not that theyre super hot or anythingIts just I wish it ran a little bit cooler, but the thing is its difficult to get into the internals of this deviceSo if theres any kind of dust buildup in the fans itMight be hard to clean them out the other thing is that the battery life isnt greatIts a 48 watt hour battery and Im getting around four hours of battery life with the screen at 250 nittsIts passableAnd I guess expected considering the price of the system now the last thing I dont like and this is a big one for meIts the screen. Its 1080p not a touchscreen the color gamut is a super bad. I mean looking at the numbersIt doesnt look great, but visually its not too bad, but the thing that really ruins it for me is the brightnessIts really dim if youre using it in Bright environmentAnd I found it difficult to play games in the daytime in the evening or if I close all the blindsIts fine, but yeah, its not a very bright screen nowThe screen is where a lot of companies will kind of cheap out if they have to keep their laptops at a certain price pointAnd I feel like thats what theyve done. So youre still getting an amazingly powerful device for the money. I mean a GTX 1060 isAlmost overkill for 1080p games on laptops because were capped at the 60 frames per second on the screensI think the purchase decisionboils down to which games you actually play if youre someone that plays a lot of kind of mid tier triple-a shooters and stuff likeThat those arent super demanding. I would actually opt for a 1050 TiThose are going to last you a couple years with great frame rates, and youll save a little bit of moneyAnd you can spend on faster drives and stuff like thatbut if youre someone that plays like Open-World games like Gta 5 witcher 3then go for the GTX 1060 because youre the type of gamer that this laptop was built for


Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-571
Screen15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 px, IPS, non-touch, matte
ProcessorIntel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ CPU
VideoIntel HD 630 + Nvidia GT 1060 6GB
Memory16 GB DDR4
Storage512 GB SSD (M.2 NVMe) + 1 TB 5400 HDD (2.5″)
ConnectivityGigabit LAN, Intel AC 7265 Wireless AC , Bluetooth 4.1
Ports1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.1 gen 1, HDMI, mic/earphone, SD card reader, LAN, Kensington Lock
Battery48 Wh, 180 Wh charger
Operating systemWindows 10
Size390 mm or 15.35” (w) x 270 mm or 10.62” (d) x 27 mm or 1.06” (h)
Weight5.64 lbs (2.56 kg)
Extrasred backlit keyboard, webcam

Gigabyte Aero 15X-BK4

gigabyte-aero-15-11-1024x576 Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018
best buy gaming laptops

The best Max-Q gaming laptop

The third in a best buy gaming laptops the Aero 15 from Gigabyte.This is their new all-purpose thin and powerful laptop.Now I get a lot of devices that come through this office,but once in a while I get something that just really exceeds my expectations.This is one of them.It has a plastic build, it feels very similar to the Aero 14 materials.Its a little bigger but the idea is the same. The top surface comes in various colors.If you want something a little less loud the black looks pretty good.The Gigabyte logo lights up.Im not the biggest fan of light-up logos but thats just a personal preference thing.So, for a predominantly plastic laptop the build quality is good.It starts at $1,900 which is pretty expensive for a laptopand I know some of you are going to say that you can get a laptop with a 1060for like a thousand or $1200.The thing is they arent going to be this thin and theycertainly arent gonna have the features that this thing has


.So, when you build something this thin and this light,youre going to have to pay a premium because the manufacturerhas to get custom PCB, custom thermal solutions to cool something this thinand this powerful and keep it in a package this small.Ok, the port selection is above average for a device like this.You get Ethernet, HDMI 2, DP 1.3, an audio jack, 3 USB3s, a Thunderbolt 3 port and an SD reader.I did ask about the Thunderbolt 3 port just to see if it was by 2 or by 4in terms of PCIe lanes and they said it was four lanes of PCIe so thats a good thing.Its pretty easy to open it up and when youre in there you have access to the two RAM slots.You can load up to 32 gigs of DDR4.But the best part and I really mean the best part is that theres two M.2 storage bays in here.Somehow over the course of time it became the standard to have just onestick of storage for these thin and light performance machines.This has two. I really like that.Now the included drive uses a slower SATA interface butit does support NVMe Drive so you could just use the included drive as like astorage drive or something.The battery down here is 94 watt hours.Battery life is pretty good.With the screen at 250 nits Im getting around 7 hours of battery life.Playing games, Im getting about an hour and the charger has that bonus USB port.The keyboard has individual RGB lighting which is always fun to play with and it canactually be really useful.I adjust the colors to match the shortcuts and apps and stuff.The layout is good, nicely spaced out, the keys themselves are a little stiff.Its hard to describe this, but it needs more pressure than Im used to just to activate the stroke.But once you get used to it, its a good keyboard overall.The trackpad uses Elan drivers and to be honest Im not a fan of Elan drivers,but this feels noticeably better than the one on the Aero 14.It could be from updated drivers or potentially updated hardware.Im not sure what it is but the tracking is improved. Its not perfect, but its not bad.The screen is awesome.Its the headlining feature of the laptop it has a super thin bezel matte finishand the panel has great color gamut and accuracy.Its 1080p non-touchscreen.It has this X-Rite Pantone certification and out of the box the colors are just bang on.It could be a little brighter and Im seeing some mild ghosting.The laptop is geared towards productivity and content creators so brighter is always good.Theres supposed to be a 4k option down the line but this 1080p panel looks really good as it is.The webcam is down at the bottom because of the bezels so you get that upward nose angle.And this is what it looks like. I should probably shave this.Ok, lets talk performance.I was pretty sure this would have some kind of heat issues, because its thin and light andyoure stuffing a GTX 1060 in there.But its cooled well and performance is strong.It has really extensive fan control through their software and I like thatand – I dont know maybe its just me – but I really liked the fact that you can control the fans.Like if you want to, you can run it on quiet mode, which is basically silentAnd, youll throttle it if youre benchmarkingor you can let it go on automatic modeOr you can manually crank up the fans to get maximum performance.Fan noise on automatic mode is actually quieter than I thought it would be under load.Performance is so good and the external temperatures are comfortable.Theres no nasty hot spots.Gameplay is really nice on this thing.Its a Kaby Lake i7, GTX 1060 in an ultraportable, its awesome.If youre playing at 1080p youll comfortably break 100 frames per second in Overwatch on ultra.In Doom it floats in the low to mid 90s on ultra graphics as well.Its really weird seeing these kinds of frame rates on a laptop with five millimeter bezels.Its like luxury gaming.Something heavier like The Division, youll need to drop the graphics to high in order to staynear that 60 frames per second.The hardware is great for games.If you want to see more details and benchmarks theres a link in the description.Now, with a color accurate display and two drive bays,the Aero 15 is clearly made for creative professionals as well.This thing is going to do really well with Photoshop and Illustrator workflows.In regards to video editing, this is one of my favorite laptops Ive used for edits.This is only the 1080p panel, Id want the 4k panel for my content but performance is great.With 4K footage the 1060 isnt a huge jump up in performance from the 1050but it pulls further ahead with a 5K or higher resolution footage.The speakers are located underneath, like the Aero 14, and they sound really similar, if not the sameGood clarity, good volume but not much bass.Alright, the Aero 15 starts at $1,900.Youre getting a thin and light laptop thats housed in mostly plastic.Build quality is good for the materials.The screen has super-thin bezels with excellent color accuracy and viewing angles.The keyboard is pretty good. It has a nice layout, but the keystrokes can feel a little stiff.The trackpad feels reasonably accurate even with Elan drivers.On the inside its running a Kaby Lake i7 and a GTX 1060 which deliver strong performance.Cooling is done well. Its loud if youre going full-tilt, but the temperatures are good.The RAM is upgradable and so are the two drives.Did I mention it has two drives?The 94Wh battery is big and it will last you a comfortable seven hours of battery life.So theres so much I like about this laptop:the performance, the screen, the battery life, the two drive bays.Its just an all-round fantastic machine with great performance, thin and light, ultraportable.Is it the best in this market?Its tough because the build quality isnt as good as its two main competitors:the XPS 15 and the Razer Blade.Those have better build quality but for the price this has better performance all around than the other two.So its kind of … you got to pick your poison.I like this machine a lot.I dont know if I would recommend this as, like, the best of the three,because it really depends on what youre looking for.But if youre looking for this type of machine this should be on your short list because its fantastic.


CPU2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
RAM Upgradable to32GB
Hard Drive Size512GB SSD
Hard Drive Speed
Hard Drive TypeM.2 PCIe SSD
Secondary Hard Drive Size
Secondary Hard Drive Speed
Secondary Hard Drive Type
Display Size15.6
Highest Available Resolution1920 x 1080
Native Resolution1920×1080
Optical Drive
Optical Drive Speed
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q / 6GB
Video Memory6 GB
Wi-Fi ModelIntel 8265
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
Mobile Broadband
Touchpad Size4.1 x 2.7 inches
Ports (excluding USB)USB 3.0
Ports (excluding USB)Thunderbolt 3
Ports (excluding USB)SD card slot
Ports (excluding USB)Headphone
Ports (excluding USB)Ethernet
Ports (excluding USB)HDMI
USB Ports4
Card SlotsSD memory reader
Warranty/Support2 years
Size14 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches
Weight4.79 pounds
Company Website

Some Other Best Buy Gaming Laptops Are

HP Omen 17

hp-omen-17-front-angle Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018
best buy gaming laptops

HP did a full redesign in the Omen now right off the bat its a moretraditional design instead of that edgy trapezoid shape from last yearits a more standard rounded rectangle the top surface has the soft touchrubber coating on it.I like soft touch materials when theyre new and this one looks pretty nice. Ithas this diagonal weave pattern on it but if you bang it up or you scratch itthe finish doesnt look very good so keep it protected with a case or sleeve.The build quality is ok. Its a plastic build last years Omen had a niceroverall finish because it had


more metal but this years version is still decent.It just doesnt feel as premium. The bottom panel is plastic with someventing grid but theres no soft touch finish on this.The screen and the chassis have a bit of flex but its nothing too bad.The hinges are a little tight its not easily open with one hand and I thinkthe overall build quality is a step down from last year because its just not asmuch metal used in the construction process.The good thing is that when you dont use as much metal the overall pricecomes down so this years Omen starts at nine hundred dollars. Opening it up thescreen on this model is a 4k IPS panel.Its not a touch screen but its bright at around three hundred and thirtyminutes.It has pretty good color accuracy, good viewing angles, contrast could be betterbut overall I would consider this to be a pretty good screen. Now this is theupgraded panel. Its an extra ninety dollars.Ive seen the 1080p screen on the base model and its so much worse.Its really dim around 200 minutes at max brightness and the color accuracywas surprisingly bad. I highly recommend spending the money to upgrade to the 4kpanel.The Webcam is a standard HD Webcam. It looks ok. There is an option to get areal sense 3d camera if you want to use Windows hello.The keyboard area has the same diagonal pattern as the lid, but instead of thatsoft touch finishits just a smooth surface. At the top of this are the speakers.They have bang & olufsen branding again but like most laptop speakers in thisprice rangethey dont sound particularly good. Its loud and its position nicely but itsnot a balanced sound is very obvious deficiency and basseven if you use the software adjustments the keyboard and the trackpad or thesame ones as the HP pavilion. At least I think they are. They feel very similar.The keyboard has red back lighting now.Its a decent keyboard relatively short stroke but theres nothing i reallydislike about it.The keyboard is shifted over to the left again because of the number pad and theup and down arrow keys could be bigger or positioned better but overall thetyping experience is enjoyable. The trackpad feels small, its wide but itsnot roomie from front to back so doing gestures feels a little cramped. Trackingworks fine i didnt notice any skipping or anythingthe buttons need a bit more force to trigger that Im used to but yeahnothing I really dislike about the trackpad either. When its closed upits less than an inch thick so its a little thinner than your average 15 inchgaming laptop as reports on this side theres an Ethernet HDMI an SD card slotand one of the two USB 3.0 is the other side has a second USB 3.0 and USB 2.0theres also your standard audio jack but theres no thunder bolt three sotheres no external GPU option.The Omen comes in several graphics card configurations. The nine hundred dollarbase model has a GTX 950m and you can upgrade that for thirty dollars to a GTX960m the one I have here is the top-spec GTX 965m.I wouldnt get the 950m. its an ok card but for an extra thirty dollarsthat upgrade to the 960m is so worth it.The 960m will do 60 frames per second for light gameseven on ultra settings pretty easily and moderately demanding games will stillhit 60 frames per second at medium or high graphics settings.Ive reviewed a lot of laptops with that card so you can check those out for moredetails.The 965m is actually a noticeable step up in performancedepending on the game and screen resolution its rounded twenty percentimprovement and frame rates over the 960m. Again this is highly dependent on thegame and the graphics setting, but it is a noticeable boost. Thermally the 2016 Omenruns relatively cool the fans do a good job in keeping the system cool but interms of fan noisethe Omen is slightly louder than the average laptop just by a few decibelsbut its more of a reason to put on headphones if youre playing games.The 7200 RPM hard drive has a pretty average performance you can configuresome models to include an SSD and the performance on the factory SSD isntvery good either.Fortunately its easy to open up and upgrade them you just remove the screwson the bottompop off the keyboard and you can see that the Ram is upgradable theres twoslots to work with. The two storage bays are also upgradeable theres two and ahalf inch SATA Drive and also room for an m2 pcie stick the battery down here61.5 water battery takes around two and a half hours to charge up and Imgetting around four hours of battery life with screen at around eightypercent brightness.My guess is that the 1080p panel would be closer to five and a half six hours.All right the 2016 HP Omen soft touch finish build quality is respectable fora plastic build the 4K screen is bright reasonably color accurate an a highlyrecommended upgrade over the 1080p option.The keyboard is decent, back lighting is bright and overall an enjoyable typingexperience. The trackpad can be a little taller and the buttons are harder topress butits a very usable trackpad. Inside, the Skylake i7 in the GTX 965m aregreat performers and theyre very well cooled by fans that are a little bitlouder than Id like. The Ram in the storage are easily accessible andupgradeable and the battery will give you around four hours of regular use ifyoure using the 4K screen now last years Omen was a more premium product. Itwas a little moreexpensive. It had better build quality and it looks very unique. This yearsOmenits a little more generic looking the build quality has come down and theprice come down with it, which is cool.Now theres nothing about the Omen that it excels at. Its kind of very goodacross the boardIf you get the 4K screen.


Price as reviewed$2,339
Display size/resolution17.3-inch 3,840×2,160-pixel display
PC CPU2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ
PC memory32GB DDR4 SDRAM 2,400MHz
Graphics8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
Storage256GB SSD 1TB HDD
Networking802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0
Operating systemWindows 10 Home (64-bit)

Aorus X7 V6 (GTX 1070)

Aorus-X7-v6-PC3D-2-1024x778 Best Buy Gaming Laptops 2018
best buy gaming laptops

heres two that fire at the side, and then theres two subs on the bottom.Theyre not amazing, because the laptop isnt very thick, but they get loud, and theyre clear.Theyre great for media consumption, but because of how loud the fans get under load,headphones are better for games.So with the Aorus X7 V6, youre getting a powerful gaming laptop, with a really good build quality.The 17-inch display is a 120 Hertz G-Sync panel and games look really nice on it.The keyboard has individual RGB lighting and is nice to type on,the trackpad is improved from previous generations, but its still not amazing.On the inside, the Skylake 6820HK and the Nvidia GTX 1070 deliver killer performance and are very well cooled,but the fans get loud.The 4 RAM slots and the 4 drive bays are all easy to access and easy to upgrade,and then theres a 94 watt hour battery that gets around three, maybe three and a half hours of battery life.So, I think Aorus did a fantastic job on the X7 V6, it got great performance, really good expandabilityand a fantastic screen, all in a package that is remarkably thinfor the type of performance that it pushes out.The thing that I dont love about it, is the price tag, at $2,700 this thing is very steep.So, it really depends on your budget, but what you do get with this,is literally the BEST performing 17-inch gaming laptop thats at an inch thick.If you want that, theres only this one, but if youre looking for something else with better value,obviously this isnt the one for you.

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