The Best Graphics Card For Upcoming Year ! 2018

Involving itemized data about purchasing or redesigning video cards or best graphic card, our guide likewise incorporates definite details and surveys of the best GPUs for you These graphics cards are good enough to make it to our list of the top best Graphics Card For Upcoming Year – 2018 – Lets Move To Number 1

1. AMD Radeon RX 480 – Latest Technology

At whatever point the name of AMD Radeon RX 480 rings a bell, recollect that it is a standout amongst the most very productive designs cards in 2018 with full HD 1440p show. AMD Radeon RX 480 is additionally very productive in light of the fact that it utilizes 14nm process, dissimilar to the previous 28nm process that too without influencing the power utilization or warmth scattering! AMD utilizes the Graphics Core Next (GCN) 3 innovation to add greater quality to their yield and to give the most ideal full HD gaming. Everything relies upon what are your necessities and what you can bear. In the event that you have more to put into purchasing the best illustrations card for gaming, we propose you move to NVIDIA GTX 970s. In any case, if your financial plan is limited, at that point AMD Radeon RX 480 is something other than exceptionally suggested. It is something more than it!  

  1. AMD Radeon RX 480 has a clock speed of about 1,120MHz and a boost speed of 1,266MHz which definitely shows that this graphics card has some serious power with it to run 4k streaming graphics!
  2. Power saving is where AMD Radeon RX 480 has a great edge over other graphics cards. Despite the fact that such high-quality graphics cards usually need a lot of power to run them, AMD Radeon RX 480 has been labeled to work efficiently on a power as low as 150W.
  3. More power-more heat! Yes, it’s quite evident but not in case of AMD Radeon RX 480! Its liquid cooling technology that is a hallmark of AMD, makes sure that you don’t cross the limits of temperature while enjoying HD graphics.
  4. The manufacturers vow it to be capable of 5.8TFLOPs trillion floating-point operations per second which are a lot more than many other GPUs in the same price category including the NVIDIA GTX 970 as well!
  5. As far as memory is concerned, it has either 4 GB GDDR5 RAM or an 8GB GDDR5 RAM that means its memory is customizable with respect to what you want and can afford.
  • It is the cheapest graphics card that supports virtual reality graphics that too without interruptions.
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 is one of the most efficient graphics cards under 300$ that provides top-notch 4k gaming graphics for you!
  • Radeon RX 480 has a wonderfully efficient cooling system too that keeps the temperature as low as possible while working.
  • Amd Radeon RX 480 is feature enriched but it still falls short of GTX 970s when it comes to performance.
  • It is also a bit noisy when it experiences more load or is made to work for longer durations.

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the fresh out of the plastic new and one of the speediest gaming GPU produced by NVIDIA, in light of the most recent NVIDIA Pascal innovation.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Review

As you have effectively seen, the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti looks encouraging on the specs sheet being the seventh card of the NVIDIA Pascal innovation arrangement.

It removes its focal DNA from the Titan X 2016, yet it is an alternate card with a different chip in general. You can’t term it as a straightforward expansion to NVIDIA illustrations card.

Indeed, it is indistinguishable to the Titan X with slight enhancements fabricated by 12 billion transistors and 3854 CUDA centers.

The default help check in EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is 1.6Hz which is higher than Titan X with a clock speed of 10% higher than too superior to Titan X.

One all the more thing, since the dispatch, the cost of EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti has been sliced to a considerable lot to pull in more deals.

Another deficiency of EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is that it has 1 GB less memory than Titan X which influences it to second choice to be purchased after Titan X.

  • It is packed with intense gaming horsepower, next-generation 11 GB per second GDDR5X memory clock speed, and a high-speed 11 GB buffer.
  • The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is by far top of the leaderboard as it provides the user with ultimate HD graphical experience and next-generation VR performance.
    It has the lowest latency and is also highly compatible with leading headsets which takes gaming in general to the next level.
  • It is manufactured and powered by NVIDIA VRWorks technologies, and its functionality is to produce in accordance amazing VR audio and physics.
  • EVGA Precision software has launched its updated software alongside EVGA Precision XOC. This new software update works in collaboration with EVGA Precision and EVGA OC Scanner to provide automatic clocking and gives you overclocking features you would have never experienced before.
  • It has a memory speed of around 11000 MHz with a built-in GeForce Graphics Coprocessor.
  • It has a graphics card RAM VRAM size of 11 GB.
  • Real Base Clock: 1480 MHz / Real Boost Clock: 1582 MHz; Memory Detail: 11264 MB GDDR5X
  • It comes with a 3 Year Warranty and a lifetime EVGA Technical Support.
  • Highly efficient to go even beyond clocking speeds
  • Upgraded cooling systems than the previous generations
  • If you can afford it, don’t look for any other card after it.
  • Cooling is better but dual GPUs demand even better cooling.
  • It is quite expensive too.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X Pascal 12GB GDDR5X is by a long shot the speediest designs card on the earth as of now.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X Pascal Review

It’s much too quick considerably quicker than the GTX 1080 which is half as shabby yet 30% slower than NVIDIA GeForce Titan X Pascal 12GB.

It’s the principal illustrations card since the Titan XP that can play many amusements in 4K at 60FPS without fiddling with settings.

  • NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X Pascal is the first graphics card ever assembled using theGP102 silicon. It physically constitutes of 3,840 CUDA cores spread widely on 30 supporting GPU multiprocessors that mean high resolution at high speed too.
  • It also consists of six graphics processing clusters (GPCs) from which 3584 more multiprocessors are enabled on the TITAN X Pascal. On the whole, NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X Pascal has some extreme speed that you will enjoy.
    The graphics card also comes with HDMI sound device that is HDMI 2.0 compatibleas well.
  • It also supports the streaming of HD audio and provides excellent cinematic experience on Blu-ray 3D movies.
  • The GPU video encoding unit can even run HEVC at 10-bit and 12-bit videos thanks to the recent upgrades.
    NVIDIA Titan X’s cooling system is much the same as the one in the GTX 1080. It is masterly designed to cool all components of the card including GPU, memory chips, and voltage control circuits.
  • As more heat is generated in the GPU, a vapor chamber is also installed to absorb heat quickly.

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  • It is compatible with most of the modern games while providing high definition gaming experience.
  • Equipped with updated NVIDIA technologies such as HEVC Video support and VR graphics.
  • Even at such high-quality performance, it is quite as well as energy efficient.
  • Is equipped with GP 102 silicon but that are not fully implemented.
  • Is not as easily available as the company produces a limited number. You can order it though.
  • Has some cooling issues that can be credited to high-quality output

Its cooling systems, VR sound and video similitude and snappy memory information exchange limit make it the kind of outlines card everyone would love to buy.

So buy XFX AMD Radeon Pro with twofold GPUs as we offer it an approval also.

Despite whether you are scanning for a workstation plans card or you require an outlines card for VR content creation, XFX AMD Radeon Pro is the one for you to buy.

With a 8GB of high exchange speed memory and 8192 stream processors, this delineations card outfits you with outrageous first rate plans contribution.

  • With a sizeable fast memory of 8GB HBM, this card comes with dual GPUs as well that too on a single PCB.
    XFX AMD Radeon Pro is highly recommended for VR professionals, professional designers, and web developers.
  • It is capable of creating and supporting VR experiences at the ultimate high quality compute level.
  • As a game developer, you can also create better and faster games with application optimization to enhance the visual effects using XFX AMD Radeon Pro graphics card.
  • XFX AMD Radeon Pro is equipped with latest AMD Liquid VR technology that enables high definition VR experiences.
  • It is also designed to work in compatibility with Liquid VR headsets for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Another plus point of XFX AMD Radeon Pro is that it is installed with a highly efficient liquid cooling solution in a 120mm radiator that keeps the temperature as well as the noise in check during operation.
  • Is cheap as well as good enough to provide you better gaming experience.
  • Runs even on low power.
  • In its price range, it’s much better than many of the other GPUs.
  • It is not good at overclocking above its limits.
  • Even at 1080p, sometimes you may find some limitations.

Best New Steam Games You Missed This Week


On an average day, about a dozen new steam games are released . And while we think that’s a good thing, it can be understandably hard to keep up with it . Potentially exciting money are sure to be lost in the deluge of new things to play unless you sort through every single new steam game . So that’s exactly what we’ve done.
Thanks in part to the website WhatsOnSteam.com, we’ve gone through every game that’s launched on Steam in the last week to find the some golds . This list, updated every Sunday, won’t include the Grand Theft Autos or the Fallout 4s of Steam, focusing instead on the games that may have been easy to miss.
These games seem the most promising, already have positive user reviews, and may be worth a closer look.

They Are Billions


Steam Page
Released: December 13
Developer: Numantian Games
Publisher: Numantian Games
Price: $24.99
They Are Billions is an isometric “steampunk” technique amusement about building provinces and safeguarding them on a dystonia planet. What are you shielding against? Not steampunk fashionistas (however they’re ostensibly our most prominent current danger, here in reality), yet rather “billions of contaminated” who seem to have been left in an unpleasant – and volatile – state in this post-end times. The diversion is “constant with stop” and blends components of working with battle, however you’ll be securing your province against ailment and contamination too. It’s in Early Access right now, yet has just picked up an “exceptionally positive” rating on Steam in light of about a thousand audits.



Steam Page
Released: December 13
Developer: Numantian Games
Publisher: Numantian Games
Price: $24.99
An Early Access title by Dean Hall – creator of DayZ – about building space stations. You can build them solo or cooperatively, and all signs point to it requiring the use of your brain: a deal breaker for some (including me). “Inspired by the beloved Space Station 13, complex atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought and management at all times.” The game will be  in Early Access for “at least a year” according to the Steam page, and its right at the beginning of its EA stage, but its already got a “very positive” rating based on 200-odd reviews, so there’s probably fun to be had with it right now. Whatever the case, this looks like a complex one for fans of intense simulations, so proceed with caution.

Train Station Simulator


Steam Page
Released: December 14
Developer: Appliks Apps Studios
Publisher: Appliks Apps Studios
Price: $12.99
If a milder mannered sim is what you’re after, Train Station Simulator is exactly what the title suggests. If you ever played Transport Tycoon back in the ‘90s, you’ve probably got a lingering compulsion to oversee public transportation, and this lets you not only build a train station but to furnish and operate it. Personally, I love trains and train stations, and the thought of creating one with the best cafes and toilets and with as few ticket cops as possible is a dream. This is in Early Access, with the final release expected in Q4 next year.



Steam Page
Released: December 13
Developer: Robot House
Publisher: Hammerfall Publishing
Price: $19.99
Rumu is an isometric point-and-snap experience set in an advanced “shrewd home”, which you explore as the ostensible vacuum cleaner Rumu. Indeed, you play as a vacuum cleaner, yet it’s a shrewd one. “When something draws you far from your home support obligations and into the shrouded ways and long overlooked rooms of the house, you’ll be looked with testing moral quandaries compelling you past your programming to reveal reality about the affection and loss of your subtle family,” peruses the depiction. I addressed one of the craftsmen at Robot House in October about the amusement