Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

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star wars mod

For whatever length of time that there have been PC amusements, there have been modders transforming them into Star Wars recreations. A few Star war mod include storm trooper skins or light sabers, and some are greatly driven aggregate changes that warrant acknowledgment as full Star Wars recreations in their own right.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a couple of restorative augmentations or you need your amusement to be totally transported to a cosmic system far, far away, here are the best Star Wars mod for PC diversions.

So Here Are Some Best Star Wars Mod


Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided for Stellaris

Conquest-for-Mount-Blade-300x168 Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

star wars mod


Stellaris Star Wars Mod makes a great fit for some sprawling Star Wars strategy. This total conversion adds a galaxy with almost 1,000 systems, Republic and Empire ship sets, accurately named and located planets and hyperlane routes, plus custom loading screens and ambient Star Wars music. It even includes the Force as a trait that may be found in some leaders, and can lead to the discovery of new technologies.

Steam Workshop link


Hero Blast for Star Wars Battlefront

Hero-Blast-for-Star-Wars-Battlefront-300x148 Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

star wars mod

This star wars mod is the restoration of a mode for Star Wars Battlefront that never saw the light of day: Hero Blast. Dug up by data miners and reconstructed by modders, this 6v6 death-match actually trumps the game’s official modes with small, intense battles and frenetic action, making it a shame it was never fully realized and released by the development team. Thanks to this star wars mod, we can finally play it

Nexus Mods link



Star Wars Imperial Armor for XCOM 2


Star-Wars-Imperial-Armor-for-XCOM-2-300x168 Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

star wars mod


The highly moddable X COM 2 Star Wars Mod is the perfect game to slide in some Star Wars, and this nice-looking armor pack adds a little of the old (classic storm trooper armor) and a little of the new (First Order storm troopers). You’ll also find Death troopers from Rogue One, and there are plans to add more armor sets in the future.

Steam Workshop link


Tides of War for Freelancer

Tides-of-War-for-Freelancer-300x168 Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

star wars mod



Star Wars: Requiem for Sins of a Solar Empire


Star-Wars-Requiem-for-Sins-of-a-Solar-Empire-300x168 Star Wars Mod : The Best Star Wars Mods 2018

star wars mod

While most Star Wars mod appear as aggregate transformations that supplant close to each perspective, Requiem adopts an alternate strategy. It sets the hypothesis that Sins of a Solar Empire and Star Wars occur in a similar universe—and shows what might happen if the two universes were to ever impact. Typically, subsequent to unearthing Sins’ little fix of space time, the Empire chooses to vanquish it for the sake of ol’ Electric Hands himself, Emperor Palatine. Accordingly, the warring groups of Sins meet up as the Alliance. As an augmentation of Sins as opposed to a whole upgrade, Requiem should suit players who would prefer not to toss its finely blocked offset with the bathwater.

Official mod page


Conquest for Mount & Blade


An incredibly eager Star wars mod for the medieval sword-them up that completely incorporates the Star Wars universe from the cosmic system crossing world guide to light saber battle, custom races and working speeders. It’s not accessible for Mount and Blade: War band, be that as it may, so if that is your favored stage you should look into the Bear Force II mod. Indeed, that is its genuine name.

ModDB link


Warlords for Homeworld 2

With a Remastered form in transit, this is a standout amongst the most dazzling Star Wars Mod add up to changes at any point made. It’s more goal-oriented than most retail amusements, joining the full program of groups from the movies in addition to the Yuuzhan Vong from the (now censured) extended universe books. The scale is colossal, with squadrons of X-Wings going head to head with everything up to—and including—Super Star Destroyers.

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